Belstal. Produkcja i dystrybucja elementów wytłocznych, wytłaczanie blach, tłoczenie głębokie.

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The company specializes in producing very deeply press-formed elements as well as precisely bent and engraved ones. To be able to do so, the company has specialist hydraulic presses equipped with very advanced functions – particularly for household appliances, which are subjected to very strict assessments. The elements that are manufacture at our plant are distinguished by very complicated technology of pressing. The automotive elements that are produced in our factory comply with very strict norms and technical requirements established by Automotive industry. Our machines, based on special hydraulic presses MULLER WEINGARTEN and WMW, combined with our technological knowledge and skills, enable us to cope with most issues regarding deep pressing.

Our production offer consists of:

  • deep metal sheet pressing (especially stainless)
  • precise engraving and hole making
  • bending
  • press tool designing
  • production project implementation
  • services and broadly understood cooperation