Belstal. Produkcja i dystrybucja elementów wytłocznych, wytłaczanie blach, tłoczenie głębokie.

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Increase of production possibilities


Increase of production possibilities.

September brought new investments and increase of production possibilities in so far as production of engravings and shallow-bended elements.


Outline of the history of Belstal Company

We are developing constantly, and all started in 2003.


Modern press-formed elements


Modern press-formed elements.

Due to using unique pressing technology and high quality working parts of tools it was possible to achieve elements of non-cylinder shaped sides.


Automotive press-formed elements

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Deeply pressed, black steel elements manufactured by our company are used as structural and clamping elements in car industry. Precisely cut and bent elements particularly comply with the automotive industry.


Deep press-forming


Deep press-forming

Straight, deep press-forming enables wide range of applications and utilizations of our stainless steel elements.


Certified company


We would like to inform you that our company received ISO, the quality certification. The reward expresses reliability, enhances prestige and competitiveness on the market.

Certifications and awards

We continuously improve our skills and introduce innovations. As a result we gained certifications and favourable references from our satisfied customers

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